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This system is simple, straight forward and quick... but it works! Now you can get dramatically more interviews... and cut your job hunting time by up to 80%.
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An Easier Way to Change Jobs

An Easier Way to Change Jobs

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Career Pace publishes the world’s definitive source for advanced job hunting knowledge for people seeking $60,000 to $750,000. Our whole focus is on making job hunting easier and faster. Our 70 Insider Briefing Reports average 10 pages in color with many illustrations. Subscriptions are for 12 months, including all updates and additions.
Select one of these subscriptions to our Easier Way to Change Jobs Series:
All 70 Insider Briefing Reports $295... including our 5 books for quick reference
  1. Our online career profile. Surfaces all your skills, strengths, experience and achievement factors in an organized form, and serves as your permanent personal career record.
  2. Our marketability comparison report. Complete an online checklist and instantly download a 12-page analysis comparing you to 2,000 others in your income range, with insights on ways to increase your marketability.
  3. Your personal marketing website created and hosted. Once your new style universal resume is finalized, you select from 100 designs and our software uploads/hosts your website.

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